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Episode 09 Show notes

Hi and Welcome to Downundergenealogy podcast I am your host Michael Larman this is episode 09

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Topic 1

I would like to also discuss Top Blogs for genealogy in Australia that I regularly use to stay up to date with what's happening in the world of genealogy

Ancestry Australia

Keep up to date with’s latest releases, informational posts and, and sometimes fun posts from the guys and gat Ancestry Australia.

Family History Research

Kerry Farmer is one of the most knowledgeable people in Australia when it comes to genetic genealogy, and she uses her blog to convey this. With numerous posts on DNA, she also writes about other Australia-related records as well.

Findmypast Australia

Findmypast are one of the big players in the online genealogy data field. And if you follow their Australian blog you’ll keep up to date with the latest releases, tips on how to use their site, and other useful historical titbits.


Jill Ball is well known around the world, particularly through social media circles, and has spoken at numerous conferences in Australia and overseas. She is also one of Australia’s earliest GeneaBloggers. She writes about anything history and genealogy related: programs, events, books, newspaper articles, blogging tips and more


If you are into, or are thinking about getting into DNA testing, Louise’s Genie1 blog is one that you should take a look at. Passionate about genealogy and genetic genealogy, she uses her knowledge to educate others.

Inside History Magazine

Australia’s best history and genealogy magazine extends beyond the pages by having a great blog.

National Archives of Australia

The National Archives of Australia (NAA) has four blogs, one on preservation, their labs one covers the latest website developments, another on the Constitution, and the secret history of Australian Censorship. Between all of those there is plenty of good reading.

National Library of Australia

The National Library of Australia have two blogs, “Behind the Scenes”, and “Trove”. Both are worth a read to keep up with the latest, but you might like to also subscribe to their e-News newsletter, which contains Library news, new collection items, online content, exhibitions, events and more.

I’m not saying that these are the only good ones out there. Not by a long way.

Also I have not listed the State Library blogs for each state, the State genealogy societies, and the major archive repositories as well, all of which are well worth following. There’s also a heap of wonderful regional blogs, again totally worth following if they cover your region. And numerous other individual bloggers as well.

Blogs are not only fascinating to read, they can be educational, and a way of learning about family, about life in the past, about new (old) records, about how to preserve items … and so much more.

Topic 2

So as we have roots in Australia I hope your using trove. When I first found it I was blown away it was a new resource and it contains over 200 million digitized newspaper articles. The site has also expanded to other content too. If you haven't looked for your Aussie roots on trove recently your really mission out!

Trove lets you search among "zones? Of online content

Digitized newspapers; journals articles and data sets;

Online and offline books, audiobooks, these and pamphlets;

Pictures, photos and objects;

Music, sounds and video files;

Maps, atlases, charts and globes;

Diaries, letter and personal papers;

Archived websites;

People and organizations; and a zone for user created lists

You can browse these zones individually or search them all with a simple click.

You can search for just items available online

Creating a free user id allows you to personalize your experience with the website and lets you participate in the forums.

Now when it comes to those nearly 200 million newspapers articles you can search by key word or browse by newspaper title, state, date and category refine search results by place, title, category, whether illustrated decade and even the length of the article

The best part is you can sign up to get notifications and alerts on newly posted material that matches your search criteria.

Also you need to remember that newspaper research in genealogy isn't just about obituaries, wedding anniversary or birth announcements. It's always about understanding the daily lives of our ancestors!

Ok well thank you for listening to this week's podcast be sure to visit

For show notes and more also like if you leave any comments or suggestions on the website that would be great hope all you join me for next week's podcast thank you see you next time!

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