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Episode 04 Show Notes

Hi and Welcome to podcast I am your host Michael Larman this is episode 04

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Has current indexing projects they are completing

For Australia south Australia prison recorder 1838-1912 and are currently at 84% done

They are also working through

Australia south Australia passenger lists 1849-1940 part r currently at only 6% completed

Please ensure you sign up to help index some of these records

Ancestry From <>

MyTreeTags™ now allows you to add tags to people in your family tree to indicate whether your research on them is confirmed or verified, or to record personal details, like “never married.” You can also create your own custom tags to note that a person immigrated from Denmark or worked as a blacksmith. You can even use filters as you search your tree to see everyone with the same tag. MyTreeTags™ is one way we can help you save time and enrich your ancestor profile.

For more information about these new features, please visit rom <> Join the MyTreeTags™ and New & Improved DNA Matches beta at


From <>

In March 2018 we launched DNA Quest, a pro bono initiative in which Myheritage pledged to donate 15,000 DNA kits to adoptees and those seeking to reunite with family members who were placed for adoption. Within a few months, all the DNA kits we allocated for this initiative. Now With DNA Quest. New successes are still occurring as our DNA database grows.

Following the success of the initiative, we have decided now to extend DNA Quest and donate 5,000 additional MyHeritage DNA kits, for free, to eligible participants.

Millions of people around the world are adopted, and many are searching for their biological parents or siblings. Currently available avenues for searching include formal adoption records, adoption agencies, and genetic genealogy. Formal adoption records are often unavailable or difficult to obtain, and research can be frustrating, costly, and time-consuming. Meanwhile, every year some adoptees and their biological relatives pass away, missing the chance to reunite — so this search is time-sensitive. Fortunately, genetic genealogy opens new doors in the search for relatives and reunions can sometimes happen in the blink of an eye: all it takes is a single match. MyHeritage believes everyone should be able to access this valuable technology.

With one of the fastest-growing DNA databases in the industry, currently numbering 2.5 million people worldwide (double the size when we launched DNA Quest one year ago), the largest database that accepts free uploads of DNA tests taken on other services, and a compassionate spirit, MyHeritage is uniquely positioned to help people find their biological relatives.

How to apply

Adoptees and family members searching for their biological relatives can apply for a free MyHeritage DNA kit at through April 30, 2019. Participants will be selected, and their free DNA kits will be shipped to them by June 16, 2019. Results are expected as early as August 2019. The DNA Quest website includes additional information about the initiative and a detailed section with answers to frequently asked questions.

Billion Graves - Blog

I found a blog on billion graves that is a good topic on symbols

On many older gravestones, there are pictures and symbols that tell stories about your loved ones and ancestors. If you can’t read “gravestone-language” you are missing part of the story.

There is three parts to the blog and the links will be available in the show notes.

From <>

From <>

From <>

Updates on my website this week

I have updated the home page with a more practical look and it will load a lot faster

When you listening to this podcast the show notes will be uploaded to the website

I have not added a Australian Genealogy Calendar to the site with all staff societies calendars on there

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