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Episode 03 Show Notes

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Hi and Welcome to Down under Genealogy I am your host Michael Larman this is episode 03

Today's Episode is how to start your family tree. You can reach me online at

News from Billion

All of Israel's cemeteries have been Digitized with the app

My heritage and billion graves teamed up to get this project done in 2014 and after 5 years of hard work it has been done!

*And this is really good time to mention that we need to ensure that we constantly uploading Gave stones on their website when your next in the cemetery

I think personally we should be the second nation to complete this goal. It would be a lot of work but wow it would be amazing! And it would help future genealogists!

So now moving onto starting your family Tree


Start asking question to all oldest relatives then get it written down.

I actually use a voice recorder to record the convocations as it is easier to make notes after the convocation and it keeps you in the correct mindset with the questions. Please make sure you get permission to record them and explain why you record them


Second thing you will need to get is a family history database so you can start writing down your history the program I would recommend is roots magic as it very easy to use and you can quickly connect it to the online major databases and get online hints ( if you have a subscription it is quite cheap to purchase the program as its around the $30-$40 mark

Depending how you get the program


When you open the program for the first time it is going to ask you information about yourself the. You parents and the. Your grandparents and so on

So the first set is enter everything that you know the family. I would suggest that you play around with the program to get a feel for it and note most programs out there have groups on Facebook that are always willing to help.


Facebooks has been such a great asset when I have been stuck in the past with my tree and or program all I do is a quick post on a Facebook group and the wait for a response

It’s fantastic :)

So I would suggest joining any local groups from where your family is location and also your ancestors.


Genealogical Societies

On my website I have all the main societies around Australia

This is another great asset to be a part of as they run all types of genealogical events

Make sure your writing down were your finding the information of your relatives to ensure you know where you can go back to the source if needed

As all records websites have rules on when they are able to make the record public

So for an example

Birth deaths and marriages Victoria public records of the

Historical certificates

Births in Victoria from 1853 to 1918 100 years ago Marriages in Victoria from 1853 to 1958 61 years ago Deaths in Victoria from 1853 to 1988 30 years ago Church baptisms, marriages and burials in Victoria from 1836 to 1853

Events at sea index?

Births, deaths and marriages that happened between 1853 and 1920 onboard ships bound for port in Victoria.

Each entry in the historical and event at sea indexes includes the:

Name of the person or people the entry relates toType of event (such as birth, marriage or death)Name of the ship the event happened on (if applicable)Registration year and number Other information relevant to the type of event.

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Thank you speak to you soon Bye!

Michael Larman

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